The main content I'm excited to add to the updated guide are the histories behind each plant (which cultures used these plants and for what? do they still use them now? what modern medicines are/have been derived from these plants?) and the active chemical compounds that make them competitive plants and effective medicines.


The updated guide will also include more species profiles, detailed botanical drawings for every species included, and new maps of where/which herbs are growing abundantly now in Central Park. 

Below is a sample page from the current guide on Japanese Knotweed, also known as "tiger cane" in Chinese medicine. You've probably come across this elegant and super-resilient plant in parks and backyards. Most of the ones I'm seeing around NYC are about 5 to 6 feet tall now!



Herbs included in current guide

(*used in traditional Chinese medicine)

Mugwort*               Plantains*
Chickweed              Clovers
Burdock*                Violets
Ground Ivy              Evening Primrose
Dandelion*              Mock Strawberry
Jap. Knotweed*      Lady's Thumb
Black Raspberry    Pokeweed*
Goldenrod              Wild Carrot
Knotgrass               Lamb's Quarters
St. John's Wort      Purslane
Heath Aster           White Snakeroot

Herbs to be included

Mullein                        Woodsorrel
Stinging Nettle          Comfrey
Motherwort                Kudzu*
Curly Dock                  Ground Mallow
Pepperweeds*           Pigweeds

Plus these herbs I'm seeing everywhere now (see below for photos)

Chicory - lavender blue daisy-like flowers on stems about 3 feet tall, lanceolate leaves, along roadsides/sidewalks (a lot around highways especially)

Japanese Honeysuckle* - white flowers shaped like wide-open dragon mouths, vines climbing tall on fences, along highways

Hairy Galinsoga - 5 tiny white petals at tops of 1 to 2 feet tall stems, heart-shaped leaves, along soil edges/fences

Asiatic Dayflower - small blue & white violet-like flower about 1 foot tall, simple pointed leaves, along soil edges/fences