Creations: DIY Resource Center

New city, new apartment, new furniture – you want to save as much money for rent as possible, but you definitely need at least a desk and a decent chair. You flip through an IKEA catalog and sigh because all the styles that you actually want are not affordable and the styles that you can afford are unattractive and will probably break within the year, especially since you don’t like them enough to take care of how you use them. You consider doing all your work on the kitchen counter, but you still need a good stool. You discover that leaning against the wall on the floor for an hour really hurts. You give up creating your own home for a while and pack up your laptop for the trip to some Starbucks somewhere so you can sit in freezing temperatures on an increasingly uncomfortable chair and pretend to be intensely focused on your work for a couple hours. Out the door, look down two blocks, some Starbucks found.  A block before you reach Laptopland, you notice probably the greatest sign you’ve ever seen: “Chair-making Workshop Today! All materials provided!”

            From that point on, Creations, your new community DIY resource center, can take you through the entire design process with professionals, materials, workshops, workspace, tools, storage, and transport. Our purpose is to enable and guide creativity in fulfilling material needs with individuals’ ideas and skills through providing all the resources necessary to anyone who has the motivation to take the first step of getting to our center. Our function is to harness the excess capacity for use and production in waste materials by placing them back into a meaningful cycle of consumption as a free resource that will also recapture the public’s capacity for creation. Absorbing waste and innovating social productivity, a localized DIY resource center like ours will become a vital organ of every community in the shift towards sustainable urban living.